We are in great need of a projector for presentations. Please contact us.


what we need now

  • fly strips and fly traps

  • rubbing alcohol

  • dish soap

  • tissues and toilet paper

  • new syringes especially 1cc

  • Esbilac puppy milk powder

  • kitten milk replacer

  • dog and cat food/dry or canned

  • high quality puppy/kitten kibble or canned food

  • laboratory/high quality rat chow

  • digital scale

  • boxes of disposable latex gloves

  • kevlar gloves or heavy gardening gloves

  • knitted kevlar arm guards

  • disposable surgical masks

  • hospital supplies such as; bags of plasma late, IV lines and chlorahmexidine scrub wash

  • expired pet drugs

  • storage shed

  • gas cards

  • grocery gift cards

  • handtruck and/or mechanic's dolly

  • snare pole

  • large fishing nets

  • storage bins with lids - all sizes

  • towels

  • caging of all sizes

  • old fur coats

  • small stuffed animals

  • laundry detergent

  • 1/4 to 1/2 inch hardware cloth

  • heavy small bowls

  • Canadian Tire money

  • pet carriers

  • aquariums

  • receiving blankets

  • old winter hats - for squirrels and possum beds

  • building materials - drywall, plywood, 2x4's etc.

  • large live traps

  • safety googles

  • garbage bags

  • paper towels


UWC is always in need of squirrel nesting boxes. Find instructions HERE 

Call us 905-818-5708

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If you suspect that an animal needs rescuing, call UWC, or a rehabilitator, before attempting to move the animal(s). To find a rehabilitator in your area, click here, or call your local office of the Ministry of Natural Resources, found in the blue pages of the phone book.

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