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We cannot do what we do without your help!



enercare hamilton

leading provider of water heaters, water treatment, furnaces, air conditioners

and other HVAC rental products, plumbing services, protection plans and related services.

Running Urban Wildlife Care  is not only challenging on a good day never mind during a pandemic. 

All it took was an awesome technician who had previously brought us baby squirrels (a year ago) to suggest a tankless water system for a never ending supply of hot water and a Ductless air/heating unit to keep the animals and the volunteers comfortable. 

Andrew Gomme and John Samcoe rushed to the rescue by finding us a ductless unit for the charity by working with the amazing supplier carrier.  This team of professionals  worked out the numbers for the charity so we can afford the monthly payments as we rely on public donations, Talk about Christmas in July! A week later, and during the start of that horrific heat wave, technicians, John Monahan and Jordan came for two days and worked straight through to ensure that we had air conditioning before the heat rose to unbearable temperatures.

I cannot recommend these caring, professional super humans enough. 

Big Love from all of us at Urban Wildlife Care and the injured and orphaned animals in our care send big kisses too.  XO


Lori, Oliver &          Zach

Lori and her two awesome children, Oliver and Zach, gathered cash and supplies for UWC. This generous donation was in lieu of Birthday gifts!

A fantastic family! Local matters!


Aleasha & Team


Limeridge Mall Location 

Aleasha and her staff at SEPHORA in the Limeridge Mall really surprised us with boxes and boxes of supplies.

Little fleece snugglies, paper towels, Kleenex, stuffed toys,

detergents, baby blankets,

and latex gloves.

It really warms our hearts to feel the love and support of our community.


Liz & Anneke

In lieu of birthday presents, this wonderful girl, Anneke and her mother Liz donated $120 plus a box of great supplies. Thank you for your generosity Anneke! You rock!

A special thank you to all of the friends and family who donated to

Urban Wildlife Care in memory of William Wiens.

We are so very touched that you thought of us as your charity of choice.

thumbnail_coloured with text.jpg

For their outstanding generosity for donating $500 to help aid wildlife

Thank You Thank You!

Canada's first 100% Vegan Hot Dog and Street Fare cart. Awarded the "Best Food Truck" for both 2016 & 2017

Rescue dogs donate a portion of their sales to animal rescues with a priority to subsidizing emergency procedures

Dan Cohen & Stephanie Ward

for choosing UWC as their charity of the month and for raising funds by way of donations and selling UWC t-shirts.

We would also like to thank them for donating their proceeds from their clothing swap.

The Heating and Cooling Specialists

A very big and heart felt thank you 

for recently donating a very much

needed furnace to our rehab


Special thanks also to the installation team

Saving the Earth one garmet at a time

for running a month long donation campaign for our wildlife in need and for their never ceasing dedication to our environment

Jude & Robin

Hey Jude! This little dude and his awesome mom Robin Hannah of Sherwood Farms asked his family and friends to donate to UWC in lieu of gifts for his 2nd birthday! They raised $550 to go towards the care of our wild animals in need at our rehab.

Mary K Ryan

Thank you for your entrepreneur spirit in which your generous donation was made to help local wildlife. You are a wonderful and inspiring young lady!

Mya & Kristina

A little while ago I received an email from a young mother who told me of her little daughter Mya and how for her birthday in lieu of gifts for herself, asked for donations to UWC! What a huge beautiful heart and one awesome little girl

Masquerade l and ll

Much thanks to organizer Rachel Weasner

Volunteers: Dino Vasiliou, Yeing-Moi Yeung and Rachel Weasner

Private Donors: Kim Jenkinson, Craig Brown, Felicia Radassao, Yeing-moi Yeung

Donors: Halton Region, Toronto Pearson Airport, Medieval Times, Shawn & Ed Brewing CO., Bird Kingdom, Safari Niagara, Royal Botanical Gardens, Small Talk Vineyards, Chateau Des Charmes, Ripley's Aquarium, Cave Springs Winery, Rens Pet Depot, Greg Frewin Theatre, RHW Massage, Live Right Pet Supplies, General Store & Co., Collective Arts, Zlatar's Hair Studios, Pet Valu, jackson Triggs, Turtle Jack's, Boston Pizza, The Hamilton Specator, MEC Mountain Equipment Co-op, Bass Pro Shops, Safari Niagara, Flying Squirrel, Southbrook Vineyard, Goodlife Fitness, Up the Nipissing, Costco Wholesale, FMT Wellness, and Teavana

A Special Thank you to : PAWS, B&B Taps and Grill, Salsa SOUL Productions and UPS


777 Guelph Line, Burlington

A special thank you to Glen Butt and Ryan Hounslow

for donating rolls of electric wire, power outlets, socket boxes, marretts and storage containers



4060 Fairview Street, Burlington

for donating 2 bags of grout and 6 bags of tile adhesive


2440 Barton St, E, Hamilton

for donating a roll of linoleum to line

the floor of a new enclosure



3050 Devidson Crt, Burlington

for donating wall paneling



for donating 2x4x8's and 2x4x10's


484 Plains Rd E, Burlington

for donating scrapers, sanding paper,

brushes and tape



3269 North Service Road, Burlington

for donating 6 pieces of 1x3's



for donating their time sanding and scraping!


359 S Service Rd, Grimsby

Thank you to manager Mr Crego

for donating several 2x4x8's and 2x8x10's


3300 South Service Road, West, Oakville

for donating hinges, hasps and sliding bolts


1200 Brant Street, Burlington

For donating several bags of dry dog food, several cans of wet dog/cat food, puppy/kitten replacement milk powder, and some nursing kits.



2065 Fairview Street, Burlington

For donating 8 bags of dry cat and dog food.


442 Millen Road #14, Stoney Creek

A special thank you to John and Wade

for donating two cages


571 Brant Street, Burlington

For donating $100 gift card



Centennial Parkway

For donating a $25 gift card


PET VALU - Appleby Village

5111 New Street, Burlington

A special thank you to David and Alison


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