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Raccoons are on the move

Defender Radio News Brief | 516 The Time of the Raccoons March 2018

Whether you’re in an urban centre like Hamilton or Vancouver, or have forests or farmlands as your backyard, the masked critters are likely making more appearances – as well as interesting sounds – in your community.

I connected with Cara Contardi of Urban Wildlife Care, a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Grimsby, Ontario, to talk raccoons.

The full interview released on Wednesday, February 28.


To listen to this episode click LISTEN HERE and follow the options.


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Fundraiser for Urban Wildlife Care Set for Station 1 Cafe
Alexandra Heck | Jan 27, 2017 Grimsby Lincoln News

Come springtime, Cara Contardi is going to be inundated with baby animals people find in distress. 

She will receive frantic calls from all over the region from people who find baby squirrels, as well as other wildlife in need of care. 

Her facility will be packed with little critters that feed on specialized milks and pabulums, with hopes of recovering and being released. 

Ken Gordon also finds things, but it’s a different sort of distress.


Ken Gordon, a retired art teacher who lives in Smithville is showing his recent collection of wood pieces at Station 1 in support of Urban Wildlife Care. Here he is with his beloved cat, Leonard Cohen

You think you can't help wildlife? Think again.

Susanne Soto-Davies | Fall 2016 Silver & Gold Magazine

Oct 12, 2016 Grimsby Lincoln News | By Luke Edwards

Community support vital for Urban Wildlife Care

While the kids at Stepping Stones to Schools Preschool were inside learning great facts about squirrels, 

Mar. 02, 2016 The Dodo | By Christian Cotroneo

Porcupine Munching On Fruit Is Living His Best Life Ever

Not every porcupine escapes death and still manages to get to heaven.

Dec 02, 2015 Niagara this Week |

By Amanda Moore

Rockin' Wild supports local animal rehab

Grateful for the work that UWC provides the community, Harshaw is now paying it forward.

Wildlife rehab not possible without community
support Urban Wildlife Care hosting online auction

Amanda Moore|Dec 11, 2015 Grimsby Lincoln News


GRIMSBY — It's been a busy 2014 for the volunteers at Grimsby-based Urban Wildlife Care and it's shaping up to be a busy winter.
Leave wildlife babies alone

Amanda Moore | July 10, 2015 Grimbsy Lincoln News


Removing animals from nature puts unnecessary demand on rescue.

Feb. 6, 2014 Niagara This Week|

By Amanda Moore

Wildlife rehabilitator gets charitable status

Students at Jordan Christian School crafted squirrel nest boxes for Urban Wildlife Care after reading about the wildlife rehabilitation facility in the paper.

Pictured from left are:

Derek Brouwer, Noah Overbeeke, Principal Mark Fintelman, Alex DeHaan, Mark Koppelar, Bradley Brouwer, Jeremy Berman, Jonathan VanKoevering, Travis Bazen and

Cara Contardi of UWC

Oct 16, 2013 Grimsby Lincoln News|

By Amanda Moore

Wildlife rescues need support
Private rehab centres rely on public donations to run

Students at Stepping Stones to School preschool brought in money to support the care of orphaned and injured wildlife after completing a unit on squirrels

Pictured with Contardi are, from left:

Donnie Cruse, Macy Lang, Mario Bernoldi,

Carlota Sorando, Callie O’Brien and Jayden Lang.

Mar 01, 2013 Niagara This Week|

By Amanda Moore

Slice of (wild)life Pizza sales
to support animal rescue organization

Slice of (wild)life. Glynis Sgro, of Pizza di Nonna, holds up a fresh “Rocky Raccoon” pizza.

The fur’s flying at animal-rescue centres

Carmela Fragomeni Wed Jun 13 2012 The Hamilton Spectator

Cara Contardi, who rehabilitates wild animals in Grimsby, feeds a seven-week-old racoon that was found at Earl Paddock Transport in Stoney Creek...


A good chance at survival
Grimsby wildlife rehabilitator seeks squirrel nesting boxes

Amanda Moore|Sep 27, 2012 Niagara This Week

A good chance at survival. Urban Wildlife Care is need of squirrel boxes, like the one held by volunteer Elisabeth Streun-Gowland, in order to release the 80-plus baby squirrels in its care. 

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